Hello! My name is Leif,image

at the moment studying food non food at the Design Academy Eindhoven

to learn more about how to give attention and expression to human drives and nature.

The way I work is interdisciplinary and involves research through design.

What I do strives for participation and connectivity.

Currently I work on 3 separate projects which are about stress, our build environment and a participatory cooking workshop.

Besides that I explore the medium of audio-recordings and comic for my design practice.

To check out how things are going with those projects you can visit my blog: bude or follow me on instagram.

2016-17 extension worker, value addition coordinator, designer at Slow Food Uganda and autonomously. internship
2013-17 Design BA in the food non food department at Design Academy Eindhoven study
2012-13 Design BA at FH Muenster study
2011-12 dutch language and culture BA at University Duesburg Essen study
2011 inland water vessel Weisse Flotte Baldeney internship
2011-12 thatworks agency for communication Bochum internship + hired
2009 FOKUS communication ageny Dortmund internship
2008-11 Abitur and State Approven Design Assistent at Walter Gropius College Bochum (GE) education + training
2007 stage design (only executing) at Schauspielhaus Bochum (GE) internship