Hello! My name is Leif,image

Recently graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven, I am actively developing my practice in the field of participatory design

to learn more about how to give expression to the drives of people and places.

The way I work is transmedia-based, collaborative and involves research through design.

As a Co-founder of the Volunteers design collab., I am currently working on the social food experience Bricknic,

designing new cooking-ware with Roemertopf

and developing a creative strategy for the open source seeds program together with Hivos.

Next to that I explore the medium of audio-materialisation for the placemaking-method Vocorama.

To check out how things are going with those projects you can visit my blog: bude or follow me on instagram.

2017-18 participation, communication designer, creative strategy at Volunteers Design Collab. internship
2016-17 extension worker, value addition coordinator, designer at Slow Food Uganda and autonomously. internship
2013-17 Design BA in the food non food department at Design Academy Eindhoven study
2012-13 Design BA at FH Muenster study
2011-12 dutch language and culture BA at University Duesburg Essen study
2011 inland water vessel Weisse Flotte Baldeney internship
2011-12 thatworks agency for communication Bochum internship + hired
2009 FOKUS communication ageny Dortmund internship
2008-11 Abitur and State Approven Design Assistent at Walter Gropius College Bochum (GE) education + training
2007 stage design (only executing) at Schauspielhaus Bochum (GE) internship