Hello! My name is Leif,image

Recently graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven, I am actively developing my practice in the field of participatory design

to learn more about how to give expression to the drives of people and places.

The way I work is transmedia-based, collaborative and involves research through design.

As a Co-founder of the Volunteers design collab., I am currently working on the social food experience Bricknic,

designing new cooking-ware with Roemertopf

and developing a creative strategy for the open source seeds program together with Hivos.

Next to that I explore the medium of audio-materialisation for the placemaking-method Vocorama.

To check out how things are going with those projects you can visit my blog: bude or follow me on instagram.

2017 Agri Food Capital at Dutch Design Week talk, publication
2016 Agri Food Capital at Dutch Design Week publication, exhibtion
2016 tummy talks: belly bar and Kimchi-workshoo at I AM LOVE Bochum (GE) workshop
2015 n.a.t.u.r. festival Bochum (GE) workshop
2015 Thinking Food Design at Paris Design Week exhibition
2015 Age of Wonderland at Dutch Design Week collaboration, exhibition
2015 Bizarr Sound Creatures, FREE FOOD and digesting stories exhibitions at Dutch Design Week exhibition
2015 EAT SHIT at Milano Design Week exhibition and project development
2014 agri meets design at Dutch Design Week collaboration, brainstorm
2012 n.a.t.u.r. festival Bochum (GE) exhibition