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Bitcoin, Blockchain and Micro-payments are all technologies that exist today. Bitcoin is a decentralized digital crypto-currency that is being widely adopted at the moment. Blockchain is the database on which all bitcoin transactions are kept transparently, and is also a democratically governed system where 51% consensus is needed to change a law. Now, if Isaac Newton invented the 'cents' of today with 'shavings' of gold and silver, then Satoshi Nakamoto (alias inventor of bitcoin) has re-invented the 'cents' with micro-payments of under 1 cent. If 100 cents are to 1 Euro, then 10,000 'Satoshis' are to 1 Bitcoin. These developments act as a contra to our current centralized monetary system.

Now, if you talk about the economics of nature, you could say that everything gets what it needs by giving whatever can be given for whatever can be received. If a tree is hit by lightning, it will repair itself in the most efficient way and won't grow anything extra. Mycelium is the transfer system of nature. It is the carpet underneath our feet that is transferring nutritions in multi-directions to make sure nature is in a balance of constant exchange.

Nowadays when we pay, there is an extra taste to it: which is the value of money in a sense of hording and of giving egoistic value to it. We pay and appreciate with egoistic value.

If we would pay with micro-payments, in the same speed and multi-directions as the mycelium network exchanges nutrients, then everyone would have about the same amount of money on their account, even though it's in constant movement.

Welcome to our future scenario, where we have invented a skin cream that is made of mycelium, only needs to be applied once and is absorbed by the brain to co-create a collective subconscious economy. Inside of the cream are nanobots, which detect brainwaves of appreciation without attachment to the ego and directly make micro-payments to what is appreciated on a truly selfless level. The payments are then stored on a personal subconscious blockchain that can be accessed through a secure app called - appreciate.

In Collaboration with Ofer Kantor and Lithai Pletain.

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