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The agricultural building depends on many different entities. It is not able to simply adapt to any desire of reuse. This is an issue for many separate individuals.
stable/unstable is a participatory planning program for a very complex problem of the dutch agricultural sector.

Deconstruct your image of a stable. Draw a new plan referring to rational and emotional influences from a diversity on the agricultural (building) issue of involved parties. A coordination grid also allows interaction without contact. Build the stable anew referring to your construct of knowledge of the stables influences. Eventually make new connections and possibilities when you cut and fold, but keep everything together. Now give the coordinations of the contextual structure to the building team on the actual rural spot.
When the thinking approach to this becomes holistic and the appearance of the dutch panorama changes through information, we realise that those empty stables are a monument and archetype of architecture in the dutch landscape and an extinction of it as we stand.

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