2017 vocoramaimage
2017 bukunja climbing yamimage
2016 open labimage

Open Lab was a group of students at the Design Academy Eindhoven who took the lead about their education for one semester. They designed their own programm, hired their own teachers, taught and evaluated each other and curated their process during four exhibitions. Every student took on a project and a documentation technique within this class, but already soon it became clear that the groups self-organisation and the design of educational techniques became the major task.

Together with Marie Caye I interviewed all my peers and we created an audio-publication that would lead visitors through Open Labs final exhibition at the Design Huis in Eindhoven.

2016 dirty and pretty buoysimage
2016 baklavaimage
2015 stable/unstableimage
2015 belly barimage
2015 designers yarnimage
2015 appreciateimage
2014 problem kitchen: t(h)reat journalimage
2014 problem kitchen: problem designimage
2014 rotten manimage
2014 1 2 4 - not just peanutsimage
2014 "verstecken" oillampimage
2014 "loihi" teapotimage
2013 savoy cabbageimage
2012 n.a.t.u.r. born killersimage