2017 vocoramaimageplacemaking, participation, audiomaterial

Having a conversation helps define and/or clarify the things around us. Is speaking another way of making? A conversation building up, or accelerating to a mutual exchange of ideas and points of view, results in the vice-versa exchange of individual contribution (the speakers) within a visually defined diorama. Reinterpreting this circumstance in public space through the recording of conversations as a scenic backdrop in a modifiable environment. Scenery and location changes in consequence to the conversation. As a conversation gets slower, fragmented, it is transformed into something tangible, even touchable. As one speaks, the hands move, gesticulate, mold, form … an archetypal object, representing space, time, words and interaction, is generated by conversation. The process can be scaled into immersive experiences. Consider public space within the illusion of the vocorama. Put voice and shape together in place.
As a sub-projectof next to it a comic-zine is created from the vocorama results. Here findings are translated in a narrative of audio-materialisation and original set up scenes can be used as comic panels.

2017 bukunja climbing yamimageagriculture, participation, value-addition
2016 open labimageself made education, group-work, curating
2016 dirty and pretty buoysimagewater, participation, product
2016 baklavaimageapiculture, participation, behavioral-model
2015 stable/unstableimageagriculture, participation, planning
2015 belly barimage research, gut-sounds, events
2015 designers yarnimage illustration, research, incredible tales
2015 appreciateimage future-scenario, illustration, attractivism
2014 problem kitchen: t(h)reat journalimageworld-news, recipes, participation
2014 problem kitchen: problem designimagecomic, essay, helping
2014 rotten manimage micro-organisms, material, research
2014 1 2 4 - not just peanutsimage research, material, transformation
2014 "verstecken" oillampimageproduct, metal, concept
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2013 savoy cabbageimage modular, illustration, transformation
2012 n.a.t.u.r. born killersimage sculptures, photography, statement