2019 vocorama x 3DdZRimage
2017 vocorama x DAEimage

Conversation is most of the times the first moment of creating something together. In and on itself it offers a rich amount of parallels to basic rules for participative design. In verbal communication we seem rather aware of dynamics of change and interconnectedness of all design factors. Therefore vocorama uses conversation-dynamics as content, context and material to create.

A mobile forum that lets conversation happen slow, fragmented and in situ. To every spoken contribution that will be sound recorded participants have to create a clay representation of their spoken contribution. Each clay-shape will be put in relation to the other contribution just like spoken sentences are within a conversation. Vocorama can happen over a long period of time as contributions manifest in space, stay there and be played back any time and grow and decline over time. It is therefore self-regulating. Participants can hold a conversation with anyone visiting and revisiting the spot vocorama is set up. The physical conversation scape, growth and decline measures communication, shows a political evolution of the conversation and relates it to the space.

2017 bukunja climbing yamimage
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2015 belly barimage
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2015 appreciateimage
2014 problem kitchen: t(h)reat journalimage
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