2017 vocoramaimage
2017 bukunja climbing yamimage
2016 open labimage
2016 dirty and pretty buoysimage

Nathan Fordy was creating vortexes while I was trying to create buoys that would collect trash in inner city waters. We teamed up and created a buoy out of trash that would start a vortex via remote control to attract trash that floats in a canal in the city of Eindhoven.

The process of collecting trash, using trash and the making of buoys becomes an educational workshop for kids as it involves knowledge of nature and trial and error low-tech. This project is still incomplete and will be carried on together with Nathan Fordy.

2016 baklavaimage
2015 stable/unstableimage
2015 belly barimage
2015 designers yarnimage
2015 appreciateimage
2014 problem kitchen: t(h)reat journalimage
2014 problem kitchen: problem designimage
2014 rotten manimage
2014 1 2 4 - not just peanutsimage
2014 "verstecken" oillampimage
2014 "loihi" teapotimage
2013 savoy cabbageimage
2012 n.a.t.u.r. born killersimage