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Conversation is most of the times the first moment of creating something together. In and on itself it offers a rich amount of parallels to basic rules for participative design. In verbal communication we seem rather aware of dynamics of change and interconnectedness of all design factors. Therefore vocorama uses conversation-dynamics as content, context and material to create.

Vocorama is researching creation through conversation by directly linking physical making with the spoken contributions of a conversation. We explore different versions to approach this research. Currently, Vocorama is being conducted together with 3D Druckzentrum Ruhr. In research experiments, we direct the live recording and streaming of an active conversation into a multiplayer virtual reality modeling room. A group of participants can hear the conversation happening live while meeting in a multiplayer VR environment. Instead of illustrating content, they follow changing rulesets to model the structure, the dynamics and the atmosphere of the conversation. We are curious about the personal experiences and insights when:

- analyzation and creation get combined in one brainactivity
- conversation gets measurable via physical and visual aspects
- communication monitoring merges with the urge to create
- modelingrules lead to conversation-generated physical designs
- physical output stimulates new dynamics of conversation

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